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Who We Are

Serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond

Jeff and Nancy Brady started Brady Trucking in 1982. In the beginning Jeff was the only employee as he hauled wood chips between various mills in the area. Eventually, they expanded operations into purchasing the raw material from mills and processing it into a finished landscape bark – an industry that today we are one of the largest beauty bark manufacturers in the state. Jeff & Nancy grew Brady Trucking with the mindset of honest, hard work is the only way to get things done. Today their son Evan, and wife Ashley, continue his legacy through the family business

What We Are About

Our top priority is to our employees and our community and with that in mind we continually strive to find new ways to grow and support that community. From competitive wages and top of the line equipment, our employee's safety and well-being are paramount. In our community, innovation remains our aim - reclaiming what many would consider waste and creating something sustainable and useful.

Our Clients

THURSTON COUNTY organics recycling
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