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With over 40 years of experience serving the Pacific Northwest, Brady Trucking Company continues to service the forest industry by contracted hauling for sawmills, transporting bark, wood chips, and sawdust as well as our own manufactured landscape products throughout the PNW.  In the last decade we’ve expanded into transporting biosolids, municipal waste and recyclables. In our fleet of more than 20 trucks, traveling over one million miles per year, we do so with top industry standards.
To provide sustainable solutions in our industry, we completed Phase 1 of our state-of-the-art compost facility. Working with community partners we divert over 30,000 tons of food & green waste away from landfills each year and recycle it into finished certified organic compost. This process harnesses the beneficial carbon and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
We have a wide array of products ranging from rock and aggregate to soils and barks. We have also recently added our own organic compost facility.
So whether you need help with your garden, gravel for your driveway, or shavings for your favorite animal's pen, we've got you covered.
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