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Organic Composting

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Composting is a controlled biological process designed to rapidly convert waste organic material into a humus-like, rich material that is useful for a variety of purposes associated with landscaping, growing plants and erosion control. Controlling the compost process allows composting to be completed efficiently and mitigates impacts to the environment.

To provide sustainable solutions in our industry, we completed Phase 1 of our state-of-the-art compost facility. Working with community partners we divert over 30,000 tons of food & green waste away from landfills each year and recycle it into finished certified organic compost. 

Brady Trucking utilizes the covered aerated static pile (cASP) method of composting within a covered structure. With cASP composting, fresh air (i.e., oxygen) is blown into the pile under positive pressure utilizing a combination of mechanical blowers and a network of near-grade plastic piping embedded in concrete with regularly spaced perforated risers. With this system we can maintain optimum conditions throughout the pile, the rate of composting is dramatically increased, pathogen reduction criteria are achieved, and off-site impacts from offensive odors are avoided.

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